The Angha may or may not be a Hybrid critter, but they have similar breeding requirements.

To breed an Angha you need a Flawless Diamond on the mother. This will result in a sucessful hybrid 45% of the time. Failed breedings or breedings without a Flawless Diamond always end with a Phoenix chick. Either way there will be a baby, it just won't always be an angha!

Warning! Using a Suffused Talisman on a Angha carries a very high risk of transforming it into a Fenrir or a Phoenix! HANDLE WITH CARE!

Immature Angha

Foundation ColorsEdit

Frigid Angha
Frigid [R~? Very Rare]

Hospitality Angha
Hospitality [R~? Very Common]

Jungle Seeker Angha
Jungle Seeker
[R~? Very Common]

Passion Angha
Passion [R~? Very Common]

Seething Heart Angha
Seething Heart
[R~? Very Common]

Seneschal Angha
Seneschal [R~? Common]

Shadow Dweller Angha
Shadow Dweller
[R~? Common]

Sun Touched Angha
Sun Touched [R~? Uncommon]

Sunshine angha
Sunshine [R~? Very Common]

True Love Angha
True Love [R~? Rare]

Welcoming Fire Angha
Welcoming Fire
[R~? Uncommon]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Arctic Watcher Angha
Arctic Watcher [R~Breed Only]

Forest Dweller Angha
Forest Dweller [R~Breed Only]

Innocent Love Angha
Innocent Love [R~Breed Only]

Winterlight Angha
Winterlight [R~Lineage]

Undiscovered [R~Breed Only]

Undiscovered [R~Breed Only]

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