Failsafe Colors: Blue, Green, and Purple. See Breeding for more info.

For the Genetics behind the colors check out the breeding page.

Baby goat


Foundation ColorsEdit

Blue Capirnicorn
Blue [R~25]

Green capirnicorn
Green [R~1]

Orange Capirnicorn
Orange [R~45]

Purple Capirnicorn
Purple [R~1]

Silver Caprinicorn
Silver [R~55]

Tender Capricorn
Tender [R~100]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Frigid capirnicorn
Frigid [R~Breed Only]

Frigid V2 Capirnicorn
Frigid V2 [R~Breed Only]

Glade Walker Capirnicorn
Glade Walker [R~Breed Only]

Green capirnicorn V2
Green V2 [R~Breed Only]

Purple Capirnicorn V2
Purple V2 [R~Breed Only]

Sunlight Capirnicorn
Sunlight [R~150]

Sunlight capirnicorn V2
Sunlight V2 [R~Breed Only]

Tender capirnicorn V2
Tender V2 [R~Breed Only]

Tropical Currents Capirnicorn
Tropical Currents [R~Breed Only]

Tropical Currents Capirnicorn Sitting
Tropical Currents V2 [R~Breed Only]

Undiscovered [R~Breed Only]

Lineage Colors (Non-holiday, breedable shop colors)Edit

Bismuth Capirnicorn V2
Bismuth V2 [R~Lineage]

Kiss Kiss Capirnicorn V2
Kiss Kiss V2 [R~Lineage]

Orange capirnicorn V2
Orange V2 [R~Lineage]

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