Believe it or not, most players on this game are in their 30's. You know what that means... drinking game time!

If you can't or shouldn't play with alcohol, use water or juice and quit if you have to go pee. Good luck!

Hello, Kristen!Edit

This game is simple. Get on between 11AM and 11 PM EST. Wait for Kristen_TTG (Celestial Vale's creator) to post in the shoutbox.

  • Drink once per post.
  • Drink twice if her post gives out information about upcoming features.
  • Finish the glass if she posts a link to any sort of pictures.

Junk FairyEdit

Kristen made it so now the Goodie Fairies carry common shop items like recipes and fritters that just happen to have a higher rarity. In short, things players automatically cried "JUNK!!!" over. Maybe a drinking game will ease the pain?

  • You are given a recipe: one sip (not drink! Sip!)
  • You are given junk that's not a bush, tree, or recipe (ex: trash, fritters): one drink
  • You are given a bush or tree: Two drinks
  • You get something that isn't actually junk like a Ribbon Bound Scroll: No drinks.

Note: this game is meant to be hard. On the bright side, at least you will have less junk in your inventory....

Creature FeatureEdit

This one is made to liven up the endless clicking sessions. Bring up the creature viewer to start. You may want to do this in "sips" instead of drinks.

Too Many Rules VersionEdit

One Drink

  • Creature is named for a character from a movie, book, film, or other work.
  • The Goodie Fairy gave something rare to the pet's owner, not you.
  • The Good Deeds fairy gave you a reflection or other common item
  • (Non ribbon players) You find an "empty stall"
  • (Ribbon players) You find a retired pet.

Two Drinks

  • Creature is named for song lyrics.
  • The Goodie Fairy gave you something rare (not a reflection)
  • You have clicked ten of the same species in a row
  • Player has less than 10 pets in their menagerie

Short and Sweet VersionEdit

Drink when...

  • A creature is named after anything, even other players.
  • The Goodie Fairy or Good Deeds Fairy appears.

Gone Questing!Edit

Getting bored with your quests? Try this!

Drink when...

  • The item you need is out of stock
  • You gain a rare reward from a quest (Heart from old woman, stats from old man, ect)
  • You get an reward worth less than you paid for the quest. (You may want to sip)
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