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Celestial Vale Hub[edit | edit source]

All about Creatures Around the Vale Wikification!
The Training Center

Breeding (Ancestor) ,
Breeding (DNA) & Hybrids

Creature Color Counts

Foundation Colors...
Capirnicorn, Dragon, Fenrir
Gryphon, Nekomata, Pegasus,
Phoenix, Unicorn

Elite Colors (Birth Certificate Pets)
Basilisk, Kitsune, Peryton, Qilin

Hybrid Colors...
Alicorn, Angha, Hippocampus,
Hippogryph, Kirin

Special Colors
Limited Colors, Holiday Colors,
Retired Colors

Holiday Paintbrushes, User Paintbrushes

Newbie Guide
Common Questions Answered.

Setting up your Menagerie


Holiday Events

Random Events

How to Hold a Giveaway
How To Make Money


How To be A Good Editor
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Nifty Info

Search & Suggestions

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Content Spotlight

Level Milestones

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Menagerie Set Up

New Menagerie.png

Holiday Events

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