Failsafe Colors: Glacial, Flames, and Nightshade. See Breeding for more info.

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Foundation ColorsEdit

Arctic Ice DragonArctic Ice [R-99]

Autumn Dawn DragonAutumn Dawn [R-95]

Autumn Glory DragonAutumn Glory [R-75]

Bare Branches DragonBare Branches [R-99]

Blue Ice DragonBlue Ice [R-1]

Blue moon DragonBlue Moon [R-85]

Blue Moon V2 DragonBlue Moon V2 [R-99]

Bronze DragonBronze [R-1]

Burmese Green DragonBurmese Green [R-25]

Burning Bright DragonBurning Bright [R-85]

Cameo DragonCameo [R-75]

Candy Heart DragonCandy Heart [R-1]

Cherry Blossoms DragonCherry Blossom [R-50]

Copper dragonCopper [R-1]

Cranberry Pie DragonCranberry Pie [R-50]

Currents DragonCurrents [R-1]

Deep Ice DragonDeep Ice [R-1]

Deep Ice V2Deep Ice V2 [R-65]

Deep Water DragonDeep Water [R-1]

Early Light Dragon Early Light [R-1]

Evil Shadow Dragon
Evil Shadow [R-50]

Flames DragonFlames [R-1 ]

Full Moon Dragon
Full Moon [R-1]

Full Moon Dragon V2
Full Moon V2 [R-90]

Gin Matsuba Dragon
Gin Matsuba [R-25]

Glacial DragonGlacial [R-1]

Golden Light DragonGolden Light [R-65]

Granite DragonGranite [R-1]

Harvest DragonHarvest [R-85]

Harvest Moon DragonHarvest Moon [R-1]

1 Harvest Moon Dragon V2Harvest Moon V2 [R-90]

Heavenly Light DragonHeavenly Light [R-90]

Horizon DragonHorizon [R-15]

Ignite DragonIgnite [R-50]

Illlumination DragonIllumination [R-50]

Indigo DragonIndigo [R-15]

Ink Dragon
Ink [R-85]

Komonryu DragonKomonryu [R-1]

Lace And Hearts DragonLace and Hearts [R-1]

Love Light DragonLove's Light [R-75]

Maple DragonMaple [R-85]

Marble DragonMarble [R-1]

Marsh DragonMarsh [R-1]

Marsh Dragon newMarsh V2 [R-80]

Moonlight DragonMoonlight [R-50]

Murk DragonMurk [R-1]

Murky DragonMurky [R-1]

Mummy DragonMummy [R-50]

Nightshade Dragon NewNightshade [R-1]

Northern Lights DragonNorthern Lights Dragon [R-75]

Obfuscated dragonObfuscated [R-1]

Onyx DragonOnyx [R-75]

Orche DragonOchre [R-1]

Pebble DragonPebble [R-50]

Plasma DragonPlasma [R-1]

Rose Dragon DragonRose [R-99]

Sanguine Moon DragonSanguine Moon [R-1]

Sanguine Moon Dragon V2Sanguine Moon V2 [R-90]

Sanke DragonSanke [R-1]

Sea Light Dragon
Sea Light Dragon [R-75]

Shallow Water DragonShallow Water [R-1]


Smolder DragonSmolder [R-1]

Spalding Bronze DragonSpalding Bronze [R-65]

Spalding Peach DragonSpalding Peach [R-50]

Spring Flower DragonSpring Flower [R-25]

Spring Leaves DragonSpring Leaves [R-1]

Tiger Tiger DragonTiger Tiger [R-95]

Twilight dragonTwilight [R-85]

Ugly Pumpkin DragonUgly Pumpkin [R-95]

Yamabuki DragonYamabuki [R-85]

White Hot DragonWhite Hot [R-1]

White Shadow DragonWhite Shadow [R-95]

Winter Frost DragonWinter Frost [R-1]

Lineage Colors (Non-holiday, breedable shop colors)Edit

Blueberry Pie Dragon
Blueberry Pie [R~Lineage]

Dark Moon Dragon
Dark Moon [R~Lineage]

Gold Dragon
Gold [R~Lineage]

Void Dragon
Void [R~Lineage]

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