Loaf of Bread

Your creatures will get hungry throughout the day and night. Doing activities with them will cause them to gain hunger faster. Creatures at 100% hunger won't gain much (or any) XP, can't train and are generally pretty grumpy.

You may feed your pets 1x per day by clicking the "feed button". However, you can get other people to feed your creatures- either other players or just anyone who happens by! Talk in the shoutbox, post in forums, and share your pets on other sites to gain more visitors and more clicks.

Pets reset hunger and your chance to feed them daily at midnight, EST. Sometimes they will become "needy", however, and reset themselves so people who aren't their owners can feed them a second time that day. This is at random and without warning.

It is also possible to feed your pet food bought from the marketplace. Always look at the food level before buying it as your pet must be the right level to be able to eat the food!

The minimum level for your pet to be able to eat the food is (food level/2)-5

Example: level 15 food
15/2 = 7
7-5 = 2
Pet must be level 2 or more to eat it.

Heart Feeding

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