Both you and your creatures can gain XP. Depending on your levels, you get different perks.

Creature XPEdit

XP is how your creatures age and determines what level they are. So obviously, you probably want them to earn as much XP as possible! See Level Milestones to get an idea of what happens at what level.

XP gain varies, and can be influenced by Hunger or Health in some cases.

Ways For Creatures to Earn XP

Contests are a great way to level a pet. When your well trained pets do contests they bring home money, items and sometimes even hearts or tokens! They also earn 1 point of XP for each quest which will level them up. Just Training your pets up and entering them will always get you something, so it's worth doing.

Quests grant 1 XP each. It's a slow way to level up, but money and items can sometimes come from quests. It's best to use quests to level up low level pets or to nudge pets up a little instead of relying on them to level.

Ribbon bound scrolls are worth 1 XP each. Burning Tailsmans make your pet gain a level (but not any stats!) and Mystical Orbs make a pet gain a level as well as one point in each stat. Items are best used to level a pet that is close to gaining a level anyway. This way the pet can be used on contests and quests fairly well before being leveled up.

Player XPEdit

Player XP unlocks a larger menagerie, more quests per day and other fun things. Retiring a creature makes you lose about 1,500 XP so make sure you only create/breed creatures you want to keep.

Ways For Players to Earn XP

Heart Gaining XP

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