Post your Breeding Trials in attempt to get Hippocamps here!

Like in the other page, format is:
parent color x parent color = baby color links to the baby
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All parents should be foundation (no parents) creatures and should not have Entropy to keep this simple.

Dragon x UnicornEdit

Mist Unicorn x White Shadow Dragon = Into the Deep Hippocamp
-- 05:29, September 18, 2012 (UTC)

Mist Unicorn x White Shadow Dragon = White hot Dragon
--, September 18, 2012 (UTC)

Fire unicorn x Smolder dragon = Spring Flower Dragon

Lace And Hearts dragon x Blush unicorn = Into the Deep Hippocampus (is suffused though)

Beach unicorn x Murky dragon = Abalone Hippocampus (is also suffused)

Winter Frost dragon x Purple unicorn = Early Light Dragon

Fire unicorn x Copper dragon = Spring Flower Dragon

Pink Unicorn x Komonryu Dragon = Into The Deep Hiipocampus

Beach unicorn x Shallow Water Dragon = Into the Deep Hippocampus

Blush unicorn x Moonlight dragon = Tropical Waters Hippocampus

Obfuscated Dragon x Pink Unicorn = Into The Deep Hippocampus

Hippocamp x HippocampEdit

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