The Hippocampus are a Hybrid critter, and can result from a breeding of a Dragon and a Unicorn. The odds of a successful breeding relate to a players reputation and if a Torrent Gem was used in the breeding. Higher Reputation will result in better chances of a baby being born and is gained by doing Quests for Ialid.

Failsafe Colors: Abalone, Tropical Waters, and Into the Deep. (Non alts/V2s) See Breeding (DNA System) for the Genetics behind the colors.

Baby hippo

Foundation ColorsEdit

Abalone Hippocampus
[R~? Very Common]

Coral Cove Hippocampus
Coral Reef
[R~? Uncommon

Foam and Froth Hippocampus
Foam and Froth
[R~? Uncommon]

Into the Deep Hippocampus
Into The Deep
[R~? Very Common]

Kelpi Hippocampus

Noble Intentions Hippocampus
Noble Intentions
[R~? Uncommon]

Reef Jumber Hippocampus
Reef Jumper

Secret Of Fire Hippocampus
Secret Of Fire
[R~? Rare]

Sun And Horizon Hippocampus
Sun And Horizon
[R~? Extremely Rare]

Sunken Gold Hippocampus
Sunken Gold

Tropical Waters Hippocampus
Tropical Waters
[R~? Very Common]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Coral Reef Hippocampus V2
Coral Reef V2
[R~Breed Only]

Foam and froth hippocampus 2
Foam and Froth V2
[R~Breed Only]

Into The Deep V2 Hippocampus
Into The Deep V2
[R~Breed Only]

Kelpi hippocampus V2
Kelpi V2

Reef jumper hippocampus V2
Reef Jumper V2
[R~Breed Only]

Secret Of Fire V2 Hippocampus
Secret Of Fire V2
[R~Breed Only]

Sun And Horizon V2 Hippocampus
Sun And Horizon V2
[R~Breed Only]

Sunken Gold Hippocamus V2
Sunken Gold V2

Tropical waters hippocampus 2
Tropical Waters V2
[R~Breed Only]

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