The Hippogryph are a Hybrid critter, and can result from a breeding of a Gryphon and a Pegasus. The odds of a successful breeding relate to a Hippogryph's contest percentage and gems used in the breeding.

Hippogryphs are a proud species- so much so that their pride affects their fertility and actual genes. Hippogryphs earn their pride and prestige in Contests. To have a chance to produce Hyppogryff offspring you will need....

  • Golden Feather on the Dam
  • At least 20% contest rankings in all contests on both parents

The average of each parent's highest bracket determines the success of producing Hippogryph chicks, so using 2 100% parents will result in a Hippogryph 100% of the time. Not using a Golden Feather will mean zero chance of Hippogryffs even if both parents have good contest ratings.

Warning! Using a Suffused Talisman on a Hippogryph carries a very high risk of transforming it into a Gryphon or a Pegasus! HANDLE WITH CARE!

Immature Gryphon


Foundation ColorsEdit

Arctic Hippogryph
Arctic [R~? Common]

Deep Twilight Hippogryph
Deep Twilight [R~? Uncommon]

Dozen Roses Hippogryph
Dozen Roses [R~? Uncommon]

Evergreen Hippogryph
Evergreen [R~? Rare]

Foggy Morning Hippogryph
Foggy Morning [R~? Very Common]

Golden Tabby Hippogryph
Golden Tabby [R~? Very Common]

Harvest Hippogryph
Harvest [R~? Common]

Lovebird Hippogryph
Lovebird [R~? Very Common]

Panther Hippogryph
Panther [R~? Very Rare]

Peacock Hippogryph
Peacock [R~? Very Rare]

Quail Hippogryph
Quail [R~?]

Seraphim Hippogryph
Seraphim [R~? Common]

Silver Hippogryph
Silver [R~? Very Common]

Sunrise Hippogryph
Sunrise [R~? Common]

Traditional Hippogryph
Traditional [R~? Very Common]

Wisteria Hippogryph
Wisteria [R~? Very Common]

Undiscovered [R~?]

Undiscovered [R~?]

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