These are NOT classified as "Special Sprites" and are not Limited Editions. They are unique breedable colors with their own DNA strands.

They use the H gene (Holiday) ONLY Holiday sprites have H/-. So these ARE breedable colors, but you have to have some Holiday in the bloodline. They are actually based on similar looking pre-exisiting colors. Kristen literally just took that color's DNA strand and put a H/ on the end and said "My work here is done".

All Holiday sprites will share the same H/ gene. Under the Holiday name will be the "regular" color it is without the H/ gene.

Under the Ancesor breeding system, Holiday color fall under the "Lineage" rarity, meaning they cannot be obtained from suffusing, or Burning Blessing breedings. They must be the parent or in the pedigree of the parent to have a chance of breeding one.

October 2012 Halloween Trick or Treat EventEdit

Bumble CaprinicornBumble Capirnicorn
Sunlight V1, V2

Candy Corn PegasusCandy Corn Pegasus

Dark Enchantments PhoenixDark Enchantments Phoenix
Burning Heart

Delirium KitsuneDelirium Kitsune

House Cat GryphonHouse Cat Gryphon (V2)
Seraphim v1, v2

Infernal Hunter FenrirInfernal Hunter Fenrir

Infernal Lantern UnicornInfernal Lantern Unicorn

Wish Come True QilinWish Come True Qilin

February 2013Edit

The Eternal Devotion Pets are a semi-limited set, breeding only seasonally. They are sterile except on February of every year, where they become breed-able for that month only. When they are able to breed their color behavior/rarity is Lineage. They also have enhanced stats, much like the Reborn sterile sprite pets.

Eternal Devotion DragonEternal Devotion Dragon

Eternal Devotion GryphonEternal Devotion Gryphon

Eternal Devotion Pegasus V2Eternal Devotion Pegasus (V2)

Eternal Devotion QilinEternal Devotion Qilin

Eternal Devotion UrsaMajorEternal Devotion Ursa Major

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