At certain times of year there are special Holiday Events. This page is a list of past events and what happened during them.

Halloween 2012Edit

This event lasted from October 16th at midnight to November 1st at noon, 2012. Prizes could be redeemed until November 2.

Players collected Candy Corn and turned them in for prizes on the Trick or Treat page. Candy Corn could be gotten via hitting the Loot Pinata, contests or by clicking. There were four tiers of candy corn ranging from tier one (T1) to tier four (T4) with tier four candy being the rarest. Candy Corn is a food item that can be eaten by pets level 95 or higher.

The Loot pinata gives out 1-4 candy corn, typically averaging 2-3. Each swing at the pinata costs three times more than the one before it. It used to be five times, but Kristen lowered it to make it more accessible to all. As it got closer to Halloween more tier 4 candy corn began to appear more frequently. Hitting the Pinata also showed a funny image of a broken knocked out pinata.

Loot pinata
Normal Pinata
Broken pinata
Broken pinata
Gory Pinata
Gory Pinata

Contests were changed to require more pets to run unless the contest was level 30 or higher. If a pet took second place it won one piece of random candy corn as well as whatever prize money and XP it won from the contest. Contests were by far the most popular way to earn Candy Corn as it was faster than clicking and always returned something for your time, provided you Trained your pets first.

Each pet also gained a pumpkin icon next to their feed and play icons. Clicking the pumpkin icon would result in candy corn about 5% of the time, a random event item 10% of the time, and nothing the rest of the time. This method was the slowest way to get candy corn, but popular among those who did not train their pets.

October 30th to November 1st candy corn also could come from all quests except the Cruel Task Master. This replaced all normal money and item rewards, though any stat gains and XP gains happened normally. The best quests for this were Old Master and Signpost as both quests require only one item that typically costs under 2,000 gold.

Redeeming Candy Corn

Each Tier of Candy Corn could only be redeemed for prizes in that Tier.

Candy Corn was automatically consumed based on how many you have of each type in a tier. It was consumed from MOST TO LEAST.

For example, let's say you wanted a Suffused Talisman. That's 5 Tier 1 Candy Corns. You had 3 Spring, 3 Freedom and 1 HeartThrob. Your 3 Springs would be taken first (5-3 = 2), then 2 Freedom would be taken. This would leave you with 1 Freedom and your HeartThorb.

When a special Candy Corn type was needed, one of that special candy was taken and it was deducted before any others.

CandyCorn art was donated by ShinyGusteon. It's unknown who made the pumpkin icon because they didn't put a name on their art submission.

Candy Corn & Prizes: Tier 1Edit

Candy Corn from 2012
Name Image Description
Heart Throb Candy Corn Heart throb candy corn It's a little early for Valenine's day. Is it cherry flavored, do you think?
Jackpot Candy Corn Jackpot candy corn The jackpot is nom nom nom.
Misprint Candy Corn Misprint candy corn Is it upside down or rightside up and where's the orange bar? FLAIL
Original Candy Corn Original candy corn A nice, normal, totally unremarkable candy-corn flavored candy corn.
Radioactive Candy Corn Radioactive candy corn Not sure I'd eat this.
Rocket Candy Corn Rocket candy corn Don't ask me, Gusty named it "Rocket Candy Corn"
Spring Candy Corn Spring candy corn Tastes like flowers. Really. Strange.


Abundance Trinket
Abundance Trinket
5 Candies
Ancient Tome
Ancient Tome
5 Candies
Hazy Memory Talisman
Hazy memory talisman
5 Candies
Ribbon Bound Scroll
Ribbon bound scroll
5 Candies
Suffused Talisman
Suffused talisman
5 candies|-

Candy Corn & Prizes: Tier 2Edit

Candy Corn from 2012
Name Image Description
Berryliscious Candy Corn Berryliscious candy corn Incredibly sour. Your eyes will water.
Bullseye Candy Corn Bullseye candy corn I bet it tastes like fruit. I'm betting lime.
Freedom Candy Corn Freedom candy corn Like fireworks. Like fireworks.
Grape Candy Corn Grape candy corn Tastes like nasty cheap grape gum. Disappointing, really.
Holiday Candy Corn Holiday candy corn Has a great spice flavor to it. Nom.
Inverted Candy Corn Inverted candy corn Is this like bizarro candy corn?
Kiddie Candy Corn Kiddie candy corn The three primary colors- do you know them?
Smores Candy Corn Smores candy corn Smores and candy corn? The win will overwhelm you.
Spooky Candy Corn Spooky candy corn Spooky in that glowing-forest-after-a-reactor-meltdown-sorta-way

Note: Star gems were 5 candies at first and each required a particular candy corn type to buy, but there was a glitch in the script that caused all of the needed candy corn to vanish sometimes. As Kristen couldn't figure out a fix, she removed the specific candy corn requirements and raised the price to make up for it.

Burning Talisman
Burning tailsman
5 candies
Star Ruby
Gem cabachon star ruby small
10 candies
Star Sapphire
Star sapphire
10 candies
Star Topaz
Star topaz
10 candies
Tumbled Amethyst
Tumbled amethyst
5 candies
Tumbled Bloodstone
Tumbled blood stone
5 candies
Tumbled Celestite
Tumbled celestite
5 candies
Tumbled Jade
Tumbled jade
5 candies
Tumbled Lapis Lazuli
Tumbled lapis lazuli
5 candies
Tumbled Tigers Eye
Tumbled tigers eye
5 candies
Random Tier 2 Candy Corn
Original candy corn
15 T1 candies

Candy Corn & Prizes: Tier 3Edit

Candy Corn from 2012
Name Image Description
Bundle of Joy Candy Corn Bundle of joy candy corn Awww. It's so adorable. It's ADORABLE, I TELL YOU. @_@
Energy Candy Corn Energy candy corn Zippity zap!
Temptation Candy Corn Temptation candy corn Isn't candy by nature tempting? I'm not sure what this candy is trying to tell me...
Watermelon Candy Corn Watermelon candy corn Seedless.
Winter Holiday Candy Corn Winter holiday candy corn It's never the wrong season for candy corn.


Bumble Caprinicorn
Bumble Caprinicorn
15 candies
Dark Enchantment Phoenix
Dark Enchantments Phoenix
15 candies
Hatching Hammer
Hatching Hammer
15 candies
House Cat Gryphon
House Cat Gryphon
15 candies
Random Tier 3 Candy Corn
Original candy corn
15 T2 candies

Candy Corn & Prizes: Tier 4Edit

Candy Corn from 2012
Name Image Description
Chaps Candy Corn Chaps candy corn Like with the Hatching Hammer, don't ask too many questions.
Emo Candy Corn Emo candy corn Go ahead. Refuse to eat it. Like everyone else who has ever rejected Poor Emo Candy Corn. It's always the last one in the bowl. It will just wait, wait forever, forgotten, alone, poor Emo Candy Corn. It tastes of tears.
Envy Candy Corn Envy candy corn Envy Candy Corn got sick of being Emo.
Ninja Candy Corn Ninja candy corn Ninja candy corn is ninja.
Retina Burn Candy Corn Retina burn candy corn Dedicated to the Shoutbox.
Vampire Candy Corn Vampire candy corn This is a little sticky and kinda tastes funny.


Candy Corn Pegasus
Candy Corn Pegasus
45 candies
Delirium Kitsune
Delirium Kitsune
45 candies
Infernal Hunter Fenrir
Infernal Hunter Fenrir
45 candies
Infernal Lantern Unicorn
Infernal Lantern Unicorn
45 candies
Mystical Orb
Mystical orb
45 candies
Wish Come True Quilin
Wish Come True Qilin
45 candies
Random Tier 4 Candy Corn
Original candy corn
25 T3 candies

Christmas 2012Edit

This event took place from the 1st through to the 25th of December 2012.


Return of the Loot Pinata. Each hit gave around 2-4 items including Carved items, Special items (Burning Blood Trinkets, Abundance Trinkets, Ancient Tomes, Maternal Fortitude and more..), Holiday Paintbrushes and even Birth Certificates (Kitsune and Kirin). Each swing at the pinata costed three times more than the one before it (eg. $1,000 first hit, $3,000 second hit, $9,000 third hit). The cost reset back to $1,000 at midnight EST each day.

Holiday pinata normal
Normal Pinata
Holiday pinata fire
Broken Pinata

The TreeEdit

Xmas tree

Until Christmas day players were able to place presents under the tree for other players. The prices of the presents were based on a % of your total money. You needed at least $25,000 to purchase gifts.

(eg. A Ribbon Bound Scroll costs 0.5% so if you had $100,000 total money the gift would cost $500 but if you had $1,000,000 total money the gift would cost $5,000)

For each present you place under the tree you could pick up a random gift on Christmas day so if you placed 5 presents under the tree during the event you can pick up 5 gifts, if you placed 100 presents you can pick up 100 gifts.

The tree closed for present additions on December 24th then reopened for gift pickup on December 25th.

Present Price ListEdit

0.5% each
  • Ribbon Bound Scroll
  • Trash Bag
  • Dewy Rose
  • Magical Sushi
  • Tumbled Jade
  • Tumbled Celestite
  • Tumbled Amethyst
  • Tumbled Blood Stone
  • Tumbled Lapis Lazuli
  • Tumbled Tigers Eye
1-5% Each
  • Suffused Talisman- 1%
  • Abundance Trinket- 2.5%
  • Maternal Fortitude- 2.5%
  • Star Sapphire- 2.5%
  • Star Ruby- 2.5%
  • Star Topaz- 2.5%
  • Burning Talisman- 3%
  • Hazy Memory Talisman- 5%


8-10% each
  • White Geode- 8%
  • Blue Geode- 8%
  • Black Geode- 8%
  • Orange Geode- 8%
  • Purple Geode- 8%
  • Heart Silver Gem- 8%
  • Torrent Gem- 8%
  • Burning Blood Trinket- 10%
  • Ancient Tome- 10%


15-20% each
  • Basilisk Birth Certificate- 15%
  • Magical Key- 20%
  • Qilin Birth Certificate- 20%
  • Kitsune Birth Certificate- 20%


25% each
  • Hippocampus Birth Certificate- 25%
  • Kirin Birth Certificate- 25%
  • Peryton Birth Certificate- 25%
  • Holiday Festival Paintbrush- 25%
  • Ice Festival Paintbrush- 25%
  • Bah Humbug Paintbrush- 25%
  • Good Fortune Paintbrush- 25%
  • Frost Dusted Paintbrush- 25%
  • Mystical Orb- 25%
30% or more each
  • Angha Birth Certificate- 35%
  • Hippogryph Birth Certificate- 35%
  • Holiday Cheer Paintbrush- 35%
  • Holiday Celebration Paintbrush- 35%
  • Holiday Decor Paintbrush- 35%


Opening GiftsEdit

Starting December 25th and ending January 1st, you could visit the tree to pick up presents. You could pick up one present per gift you put under the tree earlier in the event. Presents were chosen by clicking the boxes that appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Presents 1

A random gift would then be assigned to the player's inventory. Refreshing the page or clicking the "Get more gifts" link would result in three new boxes and three new chances for gifts as long as the player still has gifts to gather.

Heart Holiday Events

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