A paint brush is used to add a special look to a creature. The underlying genetics of the creature will not change from this so a beach unicorn with a paintbrush use on it will still be a beach unicorn if bred! In short, paintbrush colors can not be inherited. None the less, it is a fun way to update a pet's look.

These paintbruses were released to celebrate different holidays and are arranged alphabetically by holiday.

User made Paintbrushes also exist.

Winter 2012Edit

Bah Humbug DragonPBBah Humbug
Dragon Paintbrush

Frost Dusted DragonPBFrost Dusted Festival
Dragon Paintbrush

Good Fortune Festival DragonPBGood Fortune Festival
Dragon Paintbrush

Happy Holidays UnicornPBHappy Holidays
Unicorn Paintbrush

Holiday Celebration PerytonPBHoliday Celebration
Peryton Paintbrush

Holiday Cheer CapirnicornPBHoliday Cheer
Capirnicorn Paintbrush

Holiday Decor DragonPBHoliday Decor
Dragon Paintbrush

Festival DragonPBHoliday Festival
Dragon Paintbrush

Ice Festival DragonPBIce Festival
Dragon Paintbrush

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