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There are two waits to gain stat points: training & Quests.

Training can be done unlimited times per day. However, every time you train a pet it loses some happiness and some food. Hungry, unhappy pets will not allow themselves to be trained. To fix this, feed/care for your pet, or post your pet where others can come feed/care for it. To train a pet click the ribbon icon on your pet's page.

The Old Man and Old Crone quests have a chance of giving stat points to your companion. He can even push a pets stats over their cap. Your pets will gain XP from this and may level up, so be careful! The Cruel Taskmaster always grants stats to your pets as well as giving them XP, but the stats will never go over the maximum for their level. This level cap will cause extra points that run over the limit to vanish. See Quests for more on this.

Eventually you are going to hit a wall with all stats maxed out. The easiest way to increase your creature's stat cap is through leveling them. This will increase the total points they can have.

If you want a pet to level right now, using a Mystical Orb will raise a pet one level while adding one point to each stat. Be careful, however, as higher levels take much longer to train than lower ones.

See Gaining XP for more tips on leveling your pet, some of which will gain you money and items!

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