Earning money is easy! Here's how.

Random EventsEdit

Sometimes the Goodie Fairy will give you money. All you need to do is let people know you exist! When they come click your pets there is a chance you will be left money or items you can sell for money.


Go do Quests! Most quests give money at least part of the time. It's also a great way to levle up your pets. For advice as to which quests to do, try here.

Flea Market and Forums SalesEdit

Sell things in The Flea Market. Although not likely right now, some day when items end up more scarce you may be able to make a profit. Pets and items can also be sold in the forums where you can take offers and talk with people about prices.


Contests cost nothing to enter, and training costs nothing but time. Using special items isn't required. There are NO items that can be purchased with hearts that improve stats, so people with money don't always get ahead!

Low level contests might seem like not good money, and for the most part they're not great money makers, but once you get beyond level 25, if you go look at "All Contest Results" you'll see critters earn thousands in contests, even if they don't win. Seriously: it is free money!

And beyond Level 25, you have a chance to win Hearts from contests. How does this help you earn in-game money? Easy. Just use your hearts to buy Hearts Market Items, drop them in the market or forums for cash.


Each click rewards you 25-55 per click, plus a chance at drops from the Fairies. You can keep these items to use on quests (free = good) or you can sell them in the market or forums. Since you got them for free their sale or use is nothing but profit.

Clicking is onerous for some players but it is a way to just get money and items for nothing, while helping out your fellow players. Here's a good place to find pets to click.

Heart How To Make Money

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