Celestial Vale items can be purchased in the shops, found laying around the game or as rewards for various actions.

Each Item has a Level and Rarity.

Rarity is how common the item is to find. Items can be very, very common or very, very rare.

Level is how complicated/potent/special an item is. Items can be very rare but have very low levels, or be very common and have a very high level. An item's level determines how useful it is a creature. A Level 50 creature won't get much out of a level 10 item (no matter how rare the item is), and a Level 10 creature probably won't be able to use a Level 50 item at all.

The price of items in the shops is based off their level AND their rarity. Prices also fluctuate at random and vary by the day. Sometimes prices will be very cheap, others it will be expensive. If an item is useful to you and cheap that day, don't be afraid to buy it while you can!

Only Food, Toy, and "Special" rarity items can be used right now!
Everything else can't be used yet except to do quests. Trash items are especially rare and used in quests! If you get any trash items, keep them for later.

Heart Items

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