To breed a Kirin you need a Heart Sliver Gem on the mother. This will result in a sucessful hybrid 35% of the time. Failed breedings usually result in Caprinicorn. Either way there will be a baby, it just won't always be a Kirin!

Warning! Using a Suffused Talisman on a Kirin carries a very high risk of transforming it into a Capirnicorn (or rarely, a Qilin)! HANDLE WITH CARE!

Adolescent kirin

Foundation ColorsEdit

Aquamarine Kirin
Aquamarine [R~? Very Rare]

Gold kirin
Gold [R~? Rare]

Jade Kirin
Jade - [R~? Common]

Lapis Lazuli Kirin
Lapis Lazuli [R~? Rare]

Onyx Kirin
Onyx [R~? Very Rare]

Pearl kirin
Pearl [R~? Rare]

Ruby Kirin
Ruby - [R~? Uncommon]

Silver kirin
Silver - [R~? Common]

Topaz kirin
Topaz - [R~? Very Common]

Verdigris Kirin
Verdigris - [R~? Common]

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