Wood planks

The Lumber Yard is where you can buy matierals that can be used to make more Menagerie spaces, without the use of a key.

You need three things to make the spaces:

  • Wood Planks (10 of them)
  • Huge Nails (5 of them)
  • 5 Gold Tokens

Each "set" of Wood Planks costs 250,000. (2.5 million for all 10 needed.) Huge nails need to be ordered, it costs 1 Bronze token and will take 3 days to receive 2-3 nails. You can only place one order at a time and must check the Lumber Yard to pick the nails up.

Once you have everything needed, you can turn in all these items to make one permanent space. Some may find this a little over-priced, but remember that this costs no real life money, only time and game money.

Heart Lumber Yard

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