The Nekomata was released on March 1st, 2013. It is foundation and started off with 18 possible colors.

For the Genetics behind the colors check out the breeding page.


Foundation ColorsEdit

Abyssinian Nekomata
Abyssinian [R~Common]

Bicolor Nekomata
Bicolor [R~Very Common]

Black Nekomata
Black [R~Uncommon]

Blue Point Nekomata
Blue Point [R~Very Rare]

Calico Nekomata
Calico [R~Very Common]

Cream Nekomata
Cream [R~Common]

Golden Tabby Nekomata
Golden Tabby [R~Common]

Maneki Nekomata
Maneki [R~Rare]

Marmalade Nekomata
Marmalade [R~Uncommon]

Silver Tabby Nekomata
Silver Tabby [R~Very Rare]

Tuxedo Nekomata
Tuxedo [R~Common]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Raindrops Nekomata
Raindrops [R~Breed Only]

Red Tabby Nekomata
Red Tabby [R~Breed Only]

Seal Point Nekomata
Seal Point [R~Breed Only]

Sourpuss Nekomata
Sourpuss [R~Breed Only]

Undiscovered [R~Breed Only]

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