Failsafe Colors: Wisteria, Sunrise, and Dusk. (Non alts/V2s) See Breedingformoreinfo. For the Genetics behind the colors check out the breeding page.



Foundation ColorsEdit

Bay Pegasus
Bay [R~? Common]

Black Pinto PegasusBlack Pinto [R~? Uncommon]

Buckskin PegasusBuckskin [R~? Common]

Dark Bay PegasusDark Bay [R~? Rare]

Dark Bay Pinto Pegasus
Dark Bay Pinto [R~? Common]

Deep twilightDeep Twilight [R-75]

Dozen roses pegasus
Dozen Roses [R-8]

Dusk pegasus
Dusk [R-1]

EvergreenpegaEvergreen [R-85]

Flaxen Chestnut Pegasus
Flaxen Chestnut
[R~? Uncommon]

Harvest pegasusHarvest [R-50]

Palomino Pegasus
[R~? Very Rare]

Precious Metal PegasusPrecious Metals [R-1]

Red Chestnut Pegasus
Red Chestnut [R~? Common]

Sea light pegasusSea Light [R-85]

Steel Grey Pegasus
Steel Gray [R~? Very Rare]

Silver Dapple Pegasus
Silver Dapple [R~? Uncommon]

Sunrise pegasusSunrise [R-1]

Wisteria pegasusWisteria [R-1]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Candy Candy Pegasus
Candy Candy [R~Breed Only]

Dozen roses pegasus V2
Dozen Roses V2 [R~Breed Only]

Evergreen pegasus V2
Evergreen V2 [R~Breed Only]

Harvest Pegasus V2
Harvest V2 [R~Breed Only]

Tron Pegasus
Incoming Storm [R~Breed Only]

Lilac Glory Pegasus
Lilac Glory [R~Breed Only]

Opaque Pegasus
Opaque [R~Breed Only]

Precious Metals V2 Pegasus
Precious Metals V2 [R~Breed Only]

Sea Light V2 Pegasus
Sea Light V2 [R~Breed Only]

Simple Sunbeam Pegasus
Simple Sunbeam [R~Breed Only]

Sunrise V2 Pegasus
Sunrise V2 [R~Breed Only]

Wisteria V2 pegasus
Wisteria V2 [R~Breed Only]

Deep twilight pegasus V2
Deep Twilight V2 [R~Breed Only]

Lineage Colors (Non-holiday, breedable shop colors)Edit

Buckskin Pegasus V2
Buckskin V2 [R~Lineage]

Butterfly Dance Pegasus
Butterfly Dance V2 [R~Lineage]

Magma Pegasus V2
Magma V2 [R~Lineage]

Palomino Pegasus V2
Palomino V2 [R~Lineage]

Prism Pegasus
Prism [R~Lineage]

Shadow Pegasus
Shadow [R~Lineage]

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