The Peryton are a Premium Content species available for purchase from the Heart Market.
Currently in 12 beautiful colors: 7 avaliable to foundations, 5 avaliable via breeding. Has no color DNA and has no failsafes.

Peryton Immature

Foundation ColorsEdit

Autumn Dawn Peryton
Autumn Dawn Peryton - [R~? Very Common]

Autumn Fog PerytonAutumn Fog Peryton - [R~? Very Common]

Cardinal PerytonCardinal Peryton - [R~? Very Common]

Forest Spirit PerytonForest Spirit Peryton - [R~? Very Rare]

Spring Growth PerytonSpring Growth Peryton - [R~? Uncommon]

Still Waters Peryton
Still Waters Peryton - [R~? Very Common]

Sun Dappled Peryton
Sun Dappled Peryton - [R~? Uncommon]

Breed Only Colors (Impossible to obtain by random means)Edit

Colorful Season Peryton
Colorful Season [R~Breed Only]

Forest Sentry Peryton
Forest Sentry [R~Breed Only]

Moonlight Shadow Peryton
Moonlight Shadow [R~Breed Only]

Peacock Peryton
Peacock [R~Breed Only]

Winter Silence Peryton
Winter Silence [R~Breed Only]

Lineage Colors (Non-holiday, breedable shop colors)Edit

Blue Jay Peryton
Blue Jay [R~Lineage]

Emerald Chimes Peryton
Emerald Chimes [R~Lineage]

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