Currently Celestial Vale uses a player number system with little rhyme or reason to it. This can make finding your friends a real pain, especially if you keep forgetting parts of names! Until there is a real user directory, here is a phone book containing some of the more active players.

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  • AnimeZero:
  • Aleshanee: Loves Dragons and Unicorns, Germany
  • BlackKat: Teen, USA
  • BlackWolf: 20-something, USA
  • brisingr: 19 year old college student, USA
  • CalibCat: Primary editor and template czar of the wiki. He's also in the 30-range. USA
  • ChaosWolf: 20-something lady in the USA.
  • Corindia: Recipe and trash hoarder. 30-ish female, USA.
  • Crosstrace: Teen, USA
  • CrumDustin: Loves Dragons & lizards. Dustin is her gecko, Crum is her scalesona. Teen, USA


  • DemonChild: Kitsune collector, teen. USA
  • Dusty Pink Dragon: Mom in her 40's, plays entirely too many pet sites. Also helps on the wiki. Canada
  • EyeaDragon: Teen, USA
  • FoxFireFlare: Also known as "FFF" or "triple f" in shoutbox. USA.
  • FrogLady: Biologist in her mid 50's, USA.
  • Flutterlicious: Help me! I can't log in! It's Flutterlicious.. get Kristen to help me, please!
  • Frostfoxen: Late 30's Canadian who fills her day with adoptable pets. Loves foxes and tigers. Has a never-outgrew-kittenhood cat named Darlene.


  • Harmony: 18 year-old dragon, phoenix, and kitsune collector. Overly obsessed with Pokemon. USA.
  • Jessestern: Riffraffie's Girlfriend. Enjoys reading and phoenixes. USA
  • karamelx: British girl from Britain. (BRITISH ACCENTS DO NOT EXIST.)
  • Kazeodori: USA
  • Keenfoot: Teen, USA
  • kitestrings : 20 y/o artist from the USA.
  • LadyWizard: Shoutbox mod
  • Lightily:
  • LoneEagle: 20-something guy from the United Kingdom. FEAR THE BEARD! Shaved it lol
  • Lorealei: 20-something twitchy woman in the USA. (Do not feed sugar.)
  • lovelikewoe: quiet 20 yr old from the United States (:


  • mewlynnmagic: Child, USA. Trying to collect all species of Kitsunes. One Direction freak. Hobby: Rage mode.
  • Pendalt_Daltion: South Korean college student, Unicorn fan
  • Poison101: Just call me Poison or PSN. No, you can not call me Poi... (Can you figure out why?) Quiet Shoutbox lurker from the USA!
  • Pookii:
  • Pyro Psychotic: Teen, USA
  • Shadow Cat: 20-something in the USA


  • riffraffie: Determined to unlock the CV genome. Unicorn breeder. Resident crazy listmaker. USA
  • s c a n d a l: Teen, USA
  • Screwby : 20-something Australian. Lurker and awkward person.
  • ScuroFenice: 20-something, United Kingdom
  • ShinyGusteon: One of the site Mods, likes randomness and drawing.
  • Shortcake: Teenaged Australian. Female, name was pinched from the story I'm writing (which can be found in the Original Fiction forum wink wink nudge nudge) because 'Lobomon' was too short.
  • Starysnow1: Child, USA
  • Teenyluvkins: College Student, United Kingdom
  • Tsukikitsune: Teen furry, Orphan. Wants to be an artist someday. USA.
  • TuneLancaster: Trying to collect every single dragon! Teen, United Kingdom.
  • Waleis : Corindia can't nom my phone :)  Dragons, gryphons and mutts FTW


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  • Raikielia
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