The Qilin are a Premium Content species available for purchase from the Heart Market.
They have a "rare" breeding behavior. Meaning they only have a 50% chance of a successful breeding, but a 25% chance of having twins.

Failsafe Colors: Good Fortune, Cloud Runner, and Sky King. See Breeding for more info.
For the Genetics behind the colors check out the breeding page.

Immature Qilin

Foundation ColorsEdit

Cloud Runner Qilin
Cloud Runner - [R~1]

Dark Summoning Qilin
Dark Summoning - [R~100]

Dream Flower Qilin
Dream Flower - [R~50]

Dream Of Love Qilin
Dream of Love - [R~25]

Dreamstate Qilin
Dreamstate - [R~65]

Good Fortune Qilin
Good Fortune - [R~15]

Good Tidings Qilin
Good Tidings - [R~85]

Icy Sheen Qilin
Icy Sheen - [R~35]

Noble Effort Qilin
Noble Effort - [R~65]

Sky King Qilin
Sky King - [R~1]

Sun And Stars Qilin
Sun and Stars - [R~85]

Verdant Qilin
Verdant - [R~45]

Warm Greetings Qilin
Warm Greetings - [R~95]

Lineage Colors (Non-holiday, breedable shop colors)Edit

Flurries Qilin
Flurries - [R~Lineage]

Jade Qilin
Jade - [R~Lineage]

Onyx Qilin
Onyx - [R~Lineage]

Pearl Qilin
Pearl - [R~Lineage]

Silver Qilin
Silver - [R~Lineage]

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