Sometimes events will happen while caring for or feeding other people's pets. Do not be alarmed: only good random events happen on this site! To get a random event you must be taking care of someones pets. Caring for your own will not trigger any random events. To find other people's creatures easily, visit the Share Your Pets thread in the forums once a day.

Goodie Fairy & Good Deeds FairyEdit

These two events were added on July 21, 2012.

The Goodie Fairy gives a gift to the owner of a creature you are caring for. This item is random and comes from the table below. If you randomly got an item from the "Goodie Fairy" it means someone clicked your pets. Hooray!

The Good Deeds Fairy gives a gift to you in thanks for caring for someone's creatures. When the Good Deeds fairy appears you are gaining owner EXP and money as normal plus an extra gift on top! The gift comes from the same table as the Goodie Fairy.

Last we heard, you have a 50% chance of getting an item when clicking pets. This percentage sometimes goes up or down, however. If you need an item now and just can't wait, try the Hearts Market or Gift Shop to buy one.

September 2012 updateEdit

The Fairies now have access to all rarity items 80 - 100, plus all trash items, in addition to their original loot tables. These are items that you will not generally (or ever) see in the shops.

Random Event Items by Drop RatesEdit

  • Super Common: Money Bag, items rarity 80-100
  • Common: Magical Sushi, Dewy Rose
  • Uncommon:Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, Ribbon Bound Scroll
  • Rare: Star Topaz, Burning Talisman
  • Very Rare: Mystical Orb, Reflection, Suffused Talisman, Hazy Memory Talisman
  • Extremely Rare: Hatching Hammer

Rewards Table for Goodie Fairy & Good Deeds Fairy
Item Name Rarity/level


Burning Talisman
Burning tailsman


This will increase a pet's level by +1.

Note: No stats are gained. XP will be bumped to the minimum for the next level.

Dewy Rose
Dewy rose


This exquisite, perfect rose, plucked at the first breath of dawn, will cheer up even the most sad, depressed pet.
Hatching Hammer
Hatching Hammer


This causes a bred female to give birth right now. Cool down times still apply.
Hazy Memory Talisman
Hazy memory talisman


This talisman will allow you to rename your creatures
Note: Use this before retiring a pet so others may use that name, otherwise the name is lost forever.
Magical Sushi
Magical sushi


Yummy Magical Sushi instantly sates even the hungriest pet!
Money Bag
No image

Not Item

This is not actually an item. Gain random gold instead of an item.
Mystical Orb
Mystical orb


This mystical orb will increase a pet's level and all stats by +1. XP will be bumped to the minimum for the next level.

This item is actually rarer than the Burning Talisman despite having the same "rarity" numbers.



This item will change a male to a female (or vice versa!) This item CANNOT be used on creatures that have already been bred.
Ribbon Bound Scroll
Ribbon bound scroll


Reading this scroll to a pet will increase their XP.

150-300 XP at random.

Star Ruby
Gem cabachon star ruby small


This increases a pet's Heart by +1 to +3 points.
Star Sapphire
Star sapphire


This increases a pet's Wisdom by +1 to +3 points.
Star Topaz
Star topaz


This increases a pet's courage by +1 to +3 points.
Suffused Talisman
Suffused talisman


This talisman will re-roll a creature's color. The color chosen is random.

This item also will increase the "chaos" chances during breeding while mixing up the creature's genetics on each use. See Breeding for more.

Common ItemsEdit

All these items restock in the main shops and are sometimes asked for in Quests. You can also get Trash Items instead, though though are rarer.

Rarity 80Edit

  • Almond Oat Porridge
  • Dawn Bell
  • Emerald Beads
  • Gold Bar
  • Moonstone
  • Wooden Toast
  • Yam Pottage

Rarity 81-84Edit

  • Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea (83)
  • Wooden Fish (82)

Rarity 85Edit

  • Ground Little Ear
  • Stuffed Elephant
  • Wooden Kitty

Rarity 88Edit

  • Berry Oat Porridge
  • Fig And Pomegranate Preserves
  • Goat Saffron Dumplings
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Gryphon Seal
  • Snake Root
  • Spotty Sheep
  • Wishbone

Rarity 90Edit

  • Bacon
  • White with Butter

Rarity 91Edit

  • Round Diamond

Rarity 92Edit

  • Dried Ice Bells
  • Silver Ribbon

Rarity 98Edit

  • Platinum Disc

Rarity 100Edit

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