There are several ways to get rid of a pet you nolonger want: Retirement and Releasing

Releasing is generaly seen as superior to retirement.


Unlike retirement, Releasing...

  • Has no penalty!
  • Removes the name for free- no tailsmans required.
  • Can be done to a pet at any level.
  • Does allow a pet to be adopted later (very rare, but it happens)

Releasing a pet sets the pet free into the forest where it will live until someone adopts it. The forest can become an adoption agency at rare times which allows a player one chance to gain a brand new pet for free. The pet will not remember it's former owner, name, or anything else. All stats and stories will remain on the pet, however, so none of the hard work will be lost.

Releasing a pet is free. Just click the tree button and off they go!


Retirement in a nutshell...

  • The pet and every shred of work put into it are GONE!
  • Will penalize the player if the pet was under level 10
  • Costs a Hazy Memory Tailsman to keep names free (Use on pet before retirment)

Retirement removes a creature from play, taking it's name, stats, training, and everything else along with it. Nobody will ever see, play with, or feed that pet again.

This also retires the pet's name forever as currently a name can only be held by one pet at a time. To give others a chance at the name (especially for popular names like "Alice"), use a Hazy Memory Tailsman to erase the pet's name before retirement. This keeps more names in circulation which makes more people happy!

If for some reason you don't want anyone to ever make a pet named after your screen name, make that pet and retire it. Then nobody will ever use that name again! The pet won't really "die", it's just seen as "running off in the world, far from where any humans can ever find it without deep magic".

Retired pets can't be brought back for any reason. Accidental retirement? It's gone. Forget to use a Hazy Memory Tailsman on it first? The name (and pet it's on) are gone. Don't hit retire ever unless you're 100% sure you have done everything you wanted to do, stripped/changed it's name and are ready to have that pet never be seen or heard from again!

There is a penalty for retiring a creature that is under level 10. The penalty is 1,500 Player XP points. There is no penalty for retiring a creature that is over Level 10.

To retire a pet click the newspaper and coffee button. Please consider releasing instead as it frees up a name, has no penalties and gives that pet a second chance at life.

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