The Celestial Vale stores can be found in the The Vale menu. There are a number of stores that supply all sorts of items.

The stores are restocked with items regularly. If you see something you want it's probably a good idea to snap it up- it might not be there again for a while! Prices vary depending on item rarity and from day to day. Typically they are a function of item rarity + level with high level and rarity items being most pricey.

Typical Shop Prices (can vary)

  • Food: 300-5,000
  • Baubles: 100-10,000
  • Recipes/Books: 500-5,000
  • Animals: 500-7,000
  • Plants: 500-7,000
  • Trees/bushes: 5,000-15,000

The Flea MarketEdit

If an item is out of stock, try the flea market instead. Sometimes out of stock items are being sold there by other players.

This typically happens for two reasons: Quest overflow and Profit.

Sometimes quests offer items as rewards which leads to random excess items. Items also are sometimes purchased on accident or for a quest that can't be completed. These items become "Quest Overflow" because they are spare items caused by doing quests! Anything not marked "trash" or "special" on rarity that is sold at or below normal price for the item is usually one of these.

Usually if it's priced more than normal and it's something that comes from main shops (not listed in Hearts Market, Quests or Random Events) it most likely was bought up and being resold at profit. There are no rules against any form of reselling items for in-game money right now.

Some players are kind to others and buy just a few rare items to resell for extra money leaving some in the main shop for quests. Others control items with an iron grip, stalking the shops to buy every last one, hoarding items and buying out the competition so everyone will have to buy from them at markup. Either way, buying from someone selling at a profit encourages them to continue this behavior, so please consider this carefully if you end up buying an item sold for profit from other players.

Recipes and trees are the hardest hit items sold for profit right now.

Heart Stores

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