The CavesEdit

Jade Kirin

Rhazzaz lives high in the mountains, these mountains contain all kinds of rare geodes. He'll let you dig around for them if you pay him some "token of your wisdom and good deeds done". Pay Rhazzaz a Token by picking one of the four cavern images, you will return with a Geode (Sometimes Two!). The amount you have to pay Rhazzaz to mine increases by 3 every time you go digging.

(Ex. First dig needs 1 Bronze, Second dig needs 3 Bronze, then 9 Bronze, then 1 Silver and so on).

Rhazzaz will not let you spend more than 9 Gold Tokens, saying: "Still! You want MORE? No! Come back on the morrow, greedy human" if you try and talk to him after doing so.

There are currently six known kinds of Geodes you can dig up:

Blue Purple Orange Black White Green
Blue geode Purple geode Orange geode Black geode White geode Green geode

The JewellerEdit

The Jeweller is where you can take your Geodes to turn them into something usable, but the Jeweller is busy using his bench so he is going to have to charge you for lost time. Pay him $25,000 and he'll let you use his bench to chip away at your Geode. You will normally be able to get around 5 gemstone type items from one Geode. Including Carved items, "Star" stones, magic shards, and even the rare breeding gem.

Magic shards can be turned into magic orbs here. You'll need more than just shards to make an orb though; each orb requires a certain list of items. If you have everything you need, you can go to the jeweller's back room and he will put it together for you free of charge. Shards and orbs can not be transferred between players, so be prepared to break lots of rocks if you want some!


Here are some of the rarer rewards found in each geode. It is also possible to have a geode break into more geodes.

  • Black Geodes: Heart Sliver Gems and Star Sapphire
  • Orange Geodes: Heart Sliver Gems
  • Blue Geodes: Torrent Gems and Star Sapphire
  • Purple Geodes:
  • White Geodes: Flawless Diamonds
  • Green Geodes:

Geodes by RarityEdit

  • Rare: Black, Orange
  • Uncommon: White
  • Very Common: Purple, Blue

Best place to find each color:

  • White: Desert, Ice (unconfirmed)
  • Orange: Desert, grass (unconfirmed)
  • Black: Moss, Grass (unconfirmed)
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