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Trading is a little different in CV than it is in other sites. Namely, it's more dificult in order to help prevent people from multi-accounting. More dificult does not mean it's impossible, however!

Here's how to make a trade/sale between players in Celestial Vale.

Step 1: Find a buyerEdit

You can't post advertisements in the shoutbox at all, but the forums (under chatter) are still open! Check the wanted section first to see if anyone wants what you have. if not, go ahead and post in the correct area that you are selling something.

Posts made in the sales forums can not be edited, so use preview and be careful you mean what you say!

Step 2: HaggleEdit

Talk to your buyer via PMs. How much are they paying? Is it a creature for creature trade? Come to an agreement, then choose a date and time to meet online in order to trade.

Step 3: Trade!Edit

This is where things get sticky.

To trade creatures you need a Heavy Cargo Basilisk. Basilisks appear under Cargo Docks. They can carry a single pet over and take a week to be used again after they have carried a pet over. If trading pets all you need is one basilisk- just ask for the pet number you want in return! Basilisks wait until accepted at the cargo docks. They do not need you to be online for the pets to arrive.

To trade items you either need a Delicate Cargo Harness or to be very, very careful. If you don't have a harness, meet the player online at a specified time. Tell them you are ready for the "drop" but never say what item you are trading over the shoutbox or someone might steal it! When you both are ready, put the item up at above normal price. After all the items have been bought, have them put up an item priced at what they paid so you can bring them back. For example...

  • I am trading four star rubies to someone.
  • They buy each ruby from me for 200,000 gold. That's 800,000 total.
  • They put a ham up in the marketplace for 800,000. I buy it from them.
  • They have the items and their money back! The trade is finished.

Heart Trading

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